Accademia Bartolini- Arnina

Lorenzo Bartolini’s Arnina meets the public in Galleria dell’Accademia, home of Michelangelo’s David.

Lorenzo Bartoloni is an Italian artist born in Prato, in 1777. He studied in Florence Academy of Fine Arts, and stayed in Florence till his death. Deeply influenced by Florentine Renaissance, his works are lifelike and graceful.

In 1825, Bartolini sculpted a marble statue of the Nymph of Arno, called Arnina, whose only plaster cast was left in Florence. During the Florence Flood of 1966, numerous pieces of art were damaged, including the plaster copy of Arnina. As the original marble sculpture belongs to a private collection, neither of them are usually displayed for public. Now, both of the original marble statue and the plaster cast are on display. Take this rare opportunity and visit Galleria dell’Accademia before Febrary 8, 2015.

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