Christmas Markets in Florence

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The holidays call for a serious celebration in Florence! A major concept of the holiday season is shopping. Finding the right holiday gifts for friends and family can be difficult due to large crowds and long lines inside stores. With the streets draped in lights by the end of November, one must get ready for the heart of the holidays in Florence: the Christmas Markets. Come December, large and festive Christmas markets can be found in places like Austria and Germany — and even Italy! Christmas markets come to the city of Florence and sell famous christmas treats, food, products and souvenirs. They are known to be elaborately decorated in holiday decor from detailed nativity scenes to seasonal flowers and goods. Some parts of the markets even serve traditional German beer, food and desserts. Mercato Tedesco Denatali comes to Piazza Santa Croce and Florence Noel takes over Stacione Leopold a Firenze. Make sure to stop by the markets at some point during the holidays to find some one of a kind gifts and have some fun!

Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt, Mercato Tedesco
From about November 30 to December 18 every year
10am to 8pm
Piazza Santa Croce

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