“Dolci tronfi” exhibition at Palazzo Pitti, Florence

At Palazzo Pitti in Florence is an exhibition dedicated to a famous banquet, “Dolci Tronfi.” The banquet originally took place on October 5th, 1600 in the Palazzo Vecchio of Florence to celebrate the wedding of Maria de’ Medici and King Henry IV of France.

Although this was a marriage in proxy, this wasn’t a wedding to forget. It was one to be marked down in history books as people are still talking about it today.

“Dolci tronfi” exhibition gives you a little taste on what it would be life to be at this historical festivity. This exhibition will be open from March 10th to June 7th as part of the exhibits created for EXPO 2015 in Milan.

The biggest highlight of this show is the sugar sculptures that have been custom made by artisans on this occasion, reviving an ancient art that was used in 1600 and lost soon after. This exhibition brings to life a spectacular part of history that is hard to imagine with our own eyes.

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