Florence by Bicycle

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Taking a taxi or riding the bus is common in Florence. However, near the city center, streets are closed to traffic. The quickest way to get around the city? Bicycle! In the city, you can buy or rent both new and used bikes in the many bicycle shops around. Student discounts for bike rentals are often available, so make sure to ask. A major aspect to biking around the city is safety. No matter where you ride, it is always encouraged to wear a helmet. Throughout the city, many cycling paths can be found. They are often painted red. There are usually two lanes, so stay on the right when riding. When there is no path to be found, you must bike on the on the street, never the sidewalk. It is important to pay attention to where you are going and be alert around cars and pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right of way. Overall, you should be prepared and bike defensively. Especially towards the city center, bikes are commonly stolen. It is important to have a heavy, chain lock that cannot be broken. Using a bike rack, located throughout the city, makes for the safest place to leave your bike.

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