Guide to Buses and Taxis in Florence


Bus in Florence | photo: Flickr user Peter Hilton

Find one of the countless Tabacchi shops, which sell cigarettes, candy, souvenirs and most importantly – bus tickets. Once you have your bus ticket, make sure to validate the ticket by stamping it under the yellow machines on the bus. An unvalidated ticket can result in a 40 euro fine. Luckily, bus tickets are not very expensive. Tickets are 1.20 euro at any Tabacchi and can be reused for 90 minutes. If purchased on the bus, tickets are 2 euro. If you frequently use the bus, it is helpful to purchase a package of tickets. You can get 10 rides for 10 euro, 20 rides for 20 euro, and 30 rides for 30 euro. You can also purchase bus tickets at the ATAF office inside the Santa Maria Novella Train station.

A taxi in Florence | Photo by Flickr User Ghislain Sillaume

A taxi in Florence | Photo by Flickr User Ghislain Sillaume

Taxis are the most expensive form of transportation in Florence. However, they are also the safest. If walking alone and trying to get home, it is encouraged to call a taxi. Unlike other cities, taxies cannot be hailed. Instead, you must call or go to a stand. Taxi stands can be found in many of the main piazzas as well as the train station. Calling a taxi number will result in a charge. Likewise, it is also important to remember that rates vary by time and location. After 10pm, taxi rates go up. While taxis primarily only take cash, there is no need to tip the driver.

Have a taxi number handy at all times:

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