Florence’s Porcellino Statue and Market

Flickr by Colin Howley

Smaller than the San Lorenzo Market, the Porcellino Market is often called the Mercato Nuovo to distinguish it from the market once held in Piazza della Repubblica. The Porcellino is nearby Piazza Repubblica and was specialized in selling rare fabrics and later on, straw. In 1547, Cosimo the Elder wanted to cover it with a beautiful loggia designed by Giovanni Battista del Tasso. Now you can find leather goods and other items. The market is mainly identified by its lovely loggia and for the famous statue of “porcellino” (which means “little pig” and actually represents a wild boar) by Pietro Tacca. The popular legend says that if the coin you put in its mouth, going down, crosses the grid, you have to rub its snout to have good luck. Some say that rubbing the boar’s snout will guarantee you a trip back to Florence in the future.

Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, 50122 Firenze

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