LdM students host #FlorenceFightsHunger

In collaboration with Oxfam Italia, event planning students at LdM recently organized #FlorenceFightsHunger!

The main goal of this event is to bring awareness about how our decisions impact the distribution of wealth in local economy. With two cooking demonstrations by professional chefs, participants learned how they can improve local economy by eating locally and seasonally, as well as tips for preparing to tuscan classic dishes. Oxfam hunger banquet followed the cooking lessons.

Oxfam hunger banquet is an activity designed to provoke thoughts about the inequality of distribution and broad issues of hunger. Participants were assigned and divided into groups of different social identities and circumstances, and then given different kinds of food according to the groups they belonged to. Students who led this event says their event was an opportunity for people to learn more sustainable lifestyle, realize global issues of hunger, and think of the potential impact of our actions.

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