Freshmen Florence Experience

Many American students envision their first year of college lugging textbooks around a new study hall or scrambling for a good seat in the cafeteria. For some students freshmen year of college can seem quite intimidating, but for others it is a year to dominate challenges. The Freshmen Florence Experience programs offers brave, young students the opportunity to explore a foreign country, all while getting used to college swing of things.

Unlike the typical trend of studying abroad as a junior for a single semester the FFE program allows students to spend a year abroad at just eighteen. Coordinators encourage growth and development early on in the education of their students by making sure that they are adequately presented with the tools and support needed for their time abroad.

The city of Florence has much to offer for incoming freshmen. It’s historical landscape and easy going citizens make for a unique learning experience. No matter what your major, studying abroad in Florence is particular in the way each professor uses the city as a classroom.

One year not enough? For students looking to have a more extensive stay abroad they program even provides the option of enrolling into a four year bachelors programs abroad.

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