From Boldini to De Pisis

Due to damage caused by the devastating earthquake that ravaged the central Italian region of Emilia Romagna in 2012, the city of Florence is exhibiting an exciting collection of artworks from the city of Ferrara’s Palazzo Massari, which was damaged in the quake.

Extending a helping hand to Ferrara, Florence decided to offer a refuge for the works of art belonging to the Filippo De Pisis Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Ferrara.

Massari Palace, Filippo De Pisis Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Credit: Wikipedia / Creative Commons: Sien)

The exhibit in Florence will not only raise funds to help restore the museum spaces in Ferrara, it is also exhibit to the Florence public over 60 works from the collections in two separate venues: Villa Bardini and the Museum of Modern Art in Palazzo Pitti.

Palazzo Pitti (Credit: Flickr / Creative Commons: AroundTuscany)

Comprising paintings and sculptures, as well as still lifes and portraits, the works on show are fine examples of the arts scene in Ferrara and Italy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

At Villa Bardini 26 works document the Ferrara collections, the most important portraits being by Giovanni Boldini. Another notweworthy work is a  scene from Dante’s Divine Comedy  by Gaetano Previati who depicts the ill-fated lovers Paolo and Francesca (1909).

Giovanni Boldini’s Donna in nero che guarda il Pastello della signora Emiliana Concha de Ossa (Credit: Wikipedia / Creative Commons: Thyra)

While the Gallery of Modern Art in the Pitti Palace displays 35 works that include both paintings and sculpture from artists such as Filippo de Pisis, Angelo Conti and Arrigo Minerbi. It also displays works by Mario Sironi and Roberto Melli.

These masterworks from  Ferrara will be on show until May 19, 2013.

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