Sustainable Life with GreenApes App

Meet the most friendly and hilarious gorillas who simply want everyone to live a better, more fun life in a more beautiful world, the GreenApes!

The greenApes is a social media platfom application made to motivate and help people live a sustainable lifestyle. The “Jungle Guardians”, people who brought this project to the world, are now focusing on Florence, and will expand their “jungle” to other major cities in Europe. Essen in Germany is their next destination.

The greenApes works in a simple way. Anyone interested in sustainable life can install their free application, and build a sustainable lifestyle profile. Then you can share your sustainable lifestyle – your habits like bike riding, the products you buy such as local products or organic food, or your ideas or advices like vegetarian recipes or recycling tips. The most fun part is here: you will gain “nuts” according to how inspiring you are to other users! You can use these nuts collected to get discounts or rewards.

Does this “nuts” sound too playful to be true? No worries. As the Jungle Guardians are concerned with a sustainable economy as well as natural environment, they have built and are improving their connection to local shops and markets, and will also introduce those shops through greenApes.

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