Jennifer Diederich, a fashion designer in Florence

Florence’s long tradition of trendsetting continues as numerous contemporary fashion designers call the Tuscan capital home. We got a chance to chat with Jennifer Diederich who owns her own whimsical label “Suite” and whose works were on season 5 of the Bravo series Project Runway.

Jennifer has her own designer label named “suite”. Meaning a set of formal dress and read like “sweet”, her label is for modern girls who love sweet style with classic sillhouette and amusing details. Her dresses often have fun patterns like polka dots and colorful stripes, or cute details such as huge ribbons.

Born in a town in New York, Jennifer also studied in New York. She says that she was not so extraordinary only until she decided to move to Italy. The beginning was a year abroad in Florence. Then, she fell in love with her now husband, which made her eventually decide to work in Florence. She recalls that by moving to Italy, she could meet more designers, find more inspirations, and even be an inspring case by herself.

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