Love Padlocks


Nowadays, you can prove your love by putting a padlock on it. Also known as Love locks, these padlocks are created by putting you and your sweethearts name on a lock, locking it somewhere in public and disposing of the key. This fad has been going on since the early 2000’s in Europe, and has since then spread around the world now appearing in other countries like Canada and China.

One of the more popular places to lock your padlock is onto a bridge, and to throw your key into the river. This first became popular in Rome, after the book I want you by Federico Moccia came out, in which this happened in the story. In Florence, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge became the hot spot for these padlocks until the city council decided it was harmful to the aesthetics of the bridge. They then had to remove 5,500 locks. When walking the bridge, you can still see some areas where the locks of some very lucky lovers still exist. You can be fined if you lock a lock to the Ponte Vecchio today, but there are plenty of other cities where your love can be locked.

In Paris, there are two bridges where you can legally lock your love. Pont des Arts is for your committed love, and the Pont de l’Archevêché is reportedly for your lover. The Pont des Arts is packed with padlocks, while the other has lots of open space. The only way to break your seal of love is by finding the key to your lock and unlocking the padlock, which is nearly impossible considering the key is sitting at the bottom of the river with hundreds of other keys. There are some people who have returned to the bridge with bolt cutters to try and break the seal of love that way. Think twice before locking your name away with just anyone, because legend has it that whoever your name is on the lock with your love will last for eternity.

By: Kayla Soper

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