Michelangelo’s Crucifix at Santo Spirito

The wooden crucifix inside the Santo Spirito Church has baffled art critics and art historians for decades. Santo Spirito was designed by Fillippo Brunelleschi but, there are a lot of questions surrounding the crucifix that the church might contain artwork from another artist, Michelangelo.

Attached to Santo Spirto was a hospital, and it is believed that Michelangelo was studying the corpses which formed a crucial part of his training and understanding to the human body.

Two writers wrote about a wooden crucifix that Michelangelo had made to thank the church in 1493. The location of the crucifix was unknown until 1962 when it was found and restored. Art critics wandered if it was the same crucifix for years but, a study in 2001 confirmed it. Today, the Crucifix is still a compelling piece in one of Florence’s most interesting churches.





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