Odeon Cinema

The Odeon Theatre is more than your average movie theatre. Built in 1462 in Piazza Strozzi the Odeon theatre is the perfect classic example of Florentine renaissance architecture. It was remodeled in 1922 and converted to a cinema. However, it still contains its original sculptures, tapestries, and stain class dome that now decorate its lavish interiors.

Musicians and movie stars have taken the legendary stage. The words over the screen read “Be merry if you will, for tomorrow is uncertain” a line from a poem written by Lorenzo de’ Medici. The Odeon offers original language year round to watch movies that you thought you will miss while living abroad. The Odeon Theatre also offers exhibitions, film festivals, and a recently opened bar for an afternoon drink.

Visit the Odeon Theatre or www.odeon.intoscana.it for original sound program.



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