Pablo Picasso at Palazzo Strozzi

Pablo Picasso was an artist that was one of the most influential artist in the 20th century. His was a very unique and very diverse in his paintings and had no definition of what was art which made Picasso stand out from other artists. Picasso inspired many artists, especially Spanish artists with his artworks. Today,  those art pieces are on display at Palazzo Strozzi for the world to see paintings that have never been shown to the public.

There are over 90 art pieces that show various pieces from Picasso different artwork, from paintings, picture engravings, and film. Along with showcasing Picasso’s different art styles from 1910 to 1963 leading to cubism. The exhibition hopes to show what is a piece of art along with explain the experience of Picasso and other Spanish artists never shown before.

The exhibition will continue until January 2015.

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