Pharmacies in Florence: A Guide

Photo by Flickr user Morganne.s

There is nothing to fear about getting sick while abroad. Pharmacies, called “farmacias’ in Italian, are located all throughout Florence, in practically every major neighborhood. You can spot them by their green, lit up cross symbol outside each store. Conveniently, they are open on a rotating schedule, ensuring that a pharmacy will be available at night if need be. Closed pharmacies will likely have information on the door regarding where the closest open pharmacy is located. Some pharmacies are open on Sundays, but not all. Pharmacies sell over the counter medicines and drugs as well as prescription medicines one can obtain from a doctor. Likewise, you can often find other toiletries and personal items at your local pharmacy.

24 Emergency Care is available at any hospital in Florence or any Guardia Medica.

Pharmacies near the center of Florence: 
Farmacia S. Ambrogio (Via Pietrapiana, 2)
Farmacia Bargioni (129/R Via Gioberti Vincenzo)
Farmacia Del Madonnone (Via Aretina, 9)
Farmacia Ninci Snc (Via V. Gioberti, 117/r)
Antica Officina Del Farmacista (Borgo La Croce, 44)
Hospitals in Florence:
Hospital Saint Maria Nova (Piazza Santa Maria Nuova, 1)
Casa di Cura Villa Donatello (Piazzale Donatello, 14)
Meyer Children’s Hospital (Viale Gaetano Pieraccini, 24)

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