Pink Gloves Dance 2015 Award Ceremony

The Breast Unit of the Florence Department of Oncology is the winner of the Pink Gloves Dance EU 2015! Its celebration ceremony was held in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio on November the 29th.

Pink Gloves Dance is a video competition sponsored by a manufacturer of medical supply Medline. Participants take videos of themselves dancing with pink gloves on. Since the first competition launched in 2011, two hundred thousands people have participated. European Pink Gloves Dance was first launched in 2013, and this year, Gruppo Breast Unit of Florence earned more than 70,000 votes in the 3rd Pink Gloves Dance competition. With the title of grand prize winner, a 8,000 euro donation was made by Medline, which eventually went to Associazione Tages Onlus, one of main collaborators of the Breast Unit.

Florence’s Breast Unit is the best breast cancer treatment facility in the country, which eventually became the model system of European breast cancer facilities. Director of the Breast Unit, Francesca Martella says that the core of Breast is their multidisciplinary approach and collaboration among specialists from various disciplines. Such collaboration shined not only in treatment, but also in their video. A Choreographer Carmen Banti, their former patient, and Sandro Nardoni, LdM’s photographer contributed to the Breast Unit’s video.

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