Pitti Uomo, Fall-Winter 2015

This is the 87th edition of Pitti Uomo, an important international menswear and accessory event that takes place here in Florence. This event, located at the Fortezza Da Basso, includes fashion designers from all around the world, new and old.

This year’s theme is “Walk about”. This event is all about showcasing men’s fashion for buyers to see the new trends and where designers and models come to be seen. This year was especially special because British Actress, Tilda Swinton, preformed a piece called “Cloak Room,” which explores our intimate relationship with clothing.

This event is also an interesting reflection of the state of the fashion industry. This year’s highest number of buyers had come from Japan and Germany. It was also found that the percentage of buyers overall had grown from the previous year. However, buyers from Russia and the Ukraine fell almost thirty percent.

Not only does this event give business to fashion but with the 3,500 visitors that come to Florence just for this Pitti Uomo, this event gives major business and attention to the city.

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