Pitti Uomo f/w 2015-Trends

Pitti Uomo has declared the style of this upcoming season’s fashions. Weather you are coming to people-watch or see the latest trends, you are sure to learn a thing or two about which styles will be popular this season.

Around Pitti Uomo you will find less of the black tailored look or “dandy man”, and more of a chic sporty look. However the classic gentlemen still remains. Many colors this season is bright, with blues and greens especially. The materials are lighter with fabrics such as cashmere and Marino wools, chunky knit jumpers and bright cottons.

Accessories are also a must this season, weather it may be a tie, a handkerchief or mirrored sunglasses. However, the ultimate accessory for men this season is a bangle bracelet.

In the next 6 months Pitti Uomo will return again to relay the most popular trends for the summer.

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