Profumeria di Firenze

The profumeria around Italy will add to your experience abroad especially while visiting and exploring Florence. What makes the profumeria unique? These shops build on Italy’s long tradition of herbalism and aromatherapy. Each profumeria around the city have there own history, approaches, formulas, and all are natural hand-made products.

One specific profumeria was started by pharmacist 50 years ago, who decided to apply some of his medical training to advance in cosmetics, and dedicated one year of his life to study botany. Plant extracts are chosen for their active ingredients which have proven to have health benefits. Research and formulas are constantly updated occurring to the latest studies. There are 80 products and each have their own individual trait, Uomo de Pitt (Man of Pitti), and Caterina de’Medici are among the products available at the profumeria that reminisce the places they are named after.

The profumeria can be found in the Florence city center.

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