Restoration of Taddeo Gaddi Frescoes: Santa Croce Basilica

Photo by Flickr user Akida

After being closed in 2005 for restoration, the Legend of the True Cross in the Santa Croce Basilica reopened in 2011. The illustrious fresco is very big and captivating, measuring 30 meters tall and covering about 800 square meters. This work of art is located in the Santa Croce Basilica in the last chapel decorated, known to be one of the largest and most important. The artwork, created by Angelo Gaddi, son of Taddeo Gaddi, is so very rich in detail that a scaffolding is needed to explore the work in its entirety. There are many untraditional images within the fresco: ducks, dogs, birds, and even insects. Additionally, there are many portraits placed throughout the piece, including portraits of Angelo Gaddi himself. This newly restored work of art is extremely important to the history of Santa Croce and allows us to envision what life was like during the Renaissance.

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