Rigour and Grace exhibition at Palazzo Pitti

The Palatine Chapel opens for public for Rigour and Grace exhibition from October 22nd of 2015 to May 17th of 2016.

The Rigour and Grace exhibition displays the heritage of the Society of San Benedetto Bianco. The Confraternity of San Benedetto Bianco is one of the most important Christian group estabilished in 1357 at the Camaldolese monastery of San Salvatore. They eventually moved to the old cemetery of Santa Maria Novella in Florence in 1570s. When Florence became the national capital of Italy in 1865, although it moved to Rome later, the building was razed down in order to widen Via degli Avelli. This was when the Confraternity of San Benedetto moved to Santa Lucia sul Prato in Florence, where they eventually died out.

The Confraternity had numerous works by sixteenth century artists including Matteo Rosseli, Calro Dolci, Lorenzo Lippi, and Vincenzo Dandini. Their impressive collection of religious art and treasures were handed to the archbishop of Florence. The major theme found in their artworks is the Passion of Christ. The Confraternity of San Benedetto emphasized the importance of meditating on the sacrifice of the Christ, the most rigorous and graceful act of Christ.

The exhibition Rigour and Grace celebrates the recent full restoration of those artworks, offering visitors an opportunity to see the little-known artworks as well as the rare glimpse of the Palatine Chapel of Pitti Palace.


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