Pharmacy at Monastery of San Miniato

Monks in the monastery of San Miniato make and sell their own products. The hand-made and home-made products are made individually, they even sell gelato during the summer season. The products are carefully mixed to make a range of oil extracts for medicinal creams and oils.

Monks of San Miniato have been using plants for medicinal purposes, and here, the tradition continues. Padre Stefano extends his expertise, while the other monks help in other areas throughout the year.

Aside from eating delicious gelato, or buying herbal products, San Miniato has amazing views, making it a truly special place in Florence. As its distinctive architectural design shows that the San Miniato church is  keeping an eye on Florence. There is a lot to see around the city, and a stop at the San Miniato church and pharmacy is definitely one of them.

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