#CrazyforPazzi crowdfunding campaign at the Basilica of Santa Croce

An international crowd funding campaign was launched to raise 95,000 dollars in efforts to restore the Pazzi Chapel. The Pazzi chapel at the church of Santa Croce in Florence was designed by Brunelleschi in 1429, Brunelleschi who also designed the famous Duomo in the city left a piece of the renaissance in his design of the chapel.

Special restorers are in need to restore the Pazzi chapel due to its deteriorating  conditions that are long due. The Pazzi chapel interior design is grey and white space on a central plan. On the exterior, the facade is out of a Pietra Serena, a sandstone from Italy, and it deteriorates over time. One can clearly see the places where the chapel is seriously damaged and restoration is needed.

The crowd funding campaign is a way for all to contribute whatever you can to this project. All donors to the restoration will be hand written in a leather bound book and kept at the Santa Croce archive and stored for eternity, and other rewards to those that participate.

This campaign is important for those that love the chapel as well as maintaining a historical building for centuries to come. Please visit crowdfunding.santacroce.it to contribute. if you would like to contribute in any way you can to the restoration of the Pazzi Chapel.

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