The legend of the Fourth of July, Santa Croce basilica

The Pazzi Chapel is full of unresolved meaning and significance linking it perfectly to many myths and legends.

One of those legends is the fresco located in the Chapel. The fresco is thought to depict the constellation July 4, 1442 at 10:30 am. However, despite having a lot of documentation of this time, historians cannot pinpoint the exact reason why this exact day and time is on the only fresco in the Pazzi Chapel.

There are many links to America found in Santa Croce. One of those connections is a statue similar to the Statue of Liberty, located above the tomb of Giovanni Battista Niccolini. Florentines would like to think that the statue in Santa Croce inspired the New York version, as its similarity is more than pure coincidence.

Thanks to the efforts of crowd funding the Pazzi Chapel is currently undergoing restoration after a successful campaign that raised over 100,000 dollars.

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