The absent tomb of Benedetto Fortini, Santa Croce Basilica

It is assumed that due to the status of Benedetto Fortini, he died in magnificence and was mourned one night in December of 1406. Fortini was a Florentine diplomat, politician, and man of letters. However, little information about Fortini was passed down to present day.

A note found a couple of years ago amongst the documents of the historical archives of Santa Croce helps explain why there is no clear mark of his tomb in Santa Croce. The basilica that is the resting place of many illustrious great, such as; Michelangelo, Dante, and Galileo. The note explains that there was a collapse in the 18th century that crushed Fortini’s tomb. When the floor was refurbished, the fragments were disbursed, leaving only the delicate marble frame that once enclosed Benedetto Fortini’s tomb.

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