Meet Sara Amrhein, an American Jewelry Designer in Florence.

Have you ever dreamed about moving to Florence from the U.S.? Then you might want to meet Sara Amrhein, an American Jewelry designer who works in Florence now. In the interview with LdM, she shares how she started jewelry design and how Florence inspires her.

In Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood, you can find a lot of boutiques, markets, and artisans. Among them is Sara Amrhein’s studio on Via di Mezzo where she makes colorful, bold statement accessories.

Sara says her interest in art and fashion was influenced by her mother. That led her to study paintings. While she lived in a small studio apartment, she got interested in making small sized sculptures out of polymer clay, which eventually evolved into jewelry making.

She finds her inspiration in Florence in the creative spirit of Florentine masters in history. Florence is full of art – both the actual artworks and opportunity for art education – compared to the U.S. Such environment inspires her to get involved in art. She says that she wants to do something new to extend and continue their creative minds to the realm of contemporary life that is relatively lacking in Florence. As it is, her jewelries combine new materials, boldness of contemporary art, and floral motifs of Florentine art.

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