How to save money while you are in Florence

Most students who come to study abroad here in Florence are on a budget; so we asked a few locals and other students how to do just that.

One important thing to remember is not to buy your groceries inside the city center. Things tend to be much cheaper outside of it, and places like Conad may seem to be cheap but compared to other markets like Coop it isn’t.

Groceries (Credit: Flickr / Creative Commons: Jose and Roxanne)

Drinking your coffee standing up can save you as much as three euro. As soon as you sit down at a table, you are subject to pay a cover charge that is probably as much as your coffee. Another thing to remember with getting your morning coffee is to try and find a local friendly bar and go to the same one often, and they will eventually treat you like a local. When you are recognized as a local, you wont get charged with the cover charge.

Coffee (Credit: Flickr / Creative Commons: Michal Osmenda)

Lastly, try to cook more meals at home. Eating out often adds up quickly, so try to bring the chef out in you and cook a couple meals. Another suggestion could be to have just one night a week where you splurge and eat out, and the other nights you cook your own meal.

Homemade pasta (Credit: Flickr / Creative Commons: Phil Denton)

Following these tips will help you save money, and then you will have more to spend on leather jackets, purses or any other one of a kind items you find here in Florence.

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