Secret Sense of Florence – Looking for Street Art

Have you noticed road signs in Florence is different from everywhere else? Have you seen Mona Lisa, Dante, and Dante wearing a goggle? How about little line figures looking for an exit all over Florence? If you have, you must have liked what LdM students did. If you haven’t, you should have come to their event!

LdM event planning students created an event about the ‘secret’ of street art of Florence. Three street artists were focused; Clet, whose playful interpretation of road signs amuse tourists and locals, Blub, with a slogan “art can swim”, and last but not least, Exit/Enter, whose cutest drawings deliver surprisingly deep messages about love, money, and life. Students guided people to a scavenger hunt looking for works of these three street artists, and came back for aperitivo and typical Tuscan style dishes.

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