Seminar: Masterpieces in search of context

Religious art carries some more significance other than artistic one. As museum and tourism industries grow, there has been concerns about losing means to deliver such significance religious art held back in the time it was created.

Meeting such need, a seminar called “Masterpieces in search of context: when sacred art meets the visitor in a museum setting” was held on Friday November 27th in Palazzo Strozzi. The third event organised by the Forum on Museums and Religion, it shed light on the challenges of displaying sacred art within museum spaces. The event aims to bridge the disconnect between the average museum visitor and the origin and meanings of the 13th century altar pieces and famous religion-themed paintings that fill the great halls of museums. The speakers who conducted the seminar are the Archbishop Carlos Alberto Azevodo, Mons. Timothy Verdon, Doctor Cristinah Acidini and Doctor Lucia Mannini, one of the curators of the current exhibitions, Divine Beauty from Van Gogh to Chagall and Fontana.

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