New LdM courses of Sport Communication

In concurrence with Marist College, LdM has launched a new sports-centered program for students. As part of the program there are four potential classes you can take. Sports Communication and Culture, Global Sports Marketing, Global Sport in Film, and Narrative/Multimedia sports Writing.

This program was created as a way to allow students from all over the world to learn more about sports in a global context. The majority of students who will be taking this class will be from the U.S. so the main objective of this class is to help expand their sport horizons.

Florence is a perfect city for this program to launch for a few a factors. The primary one being that Florence as a whole captures the essence of sport. Whether it is ACF Fiorentina or the Cycling Championship, Florence has an affinity toward sport. Furthermore Florence’s size is a vastly helpful to the success of this program. Since Florence is fairly navigable it makes it easier for students to get to the campus and see all the different sports around the city. Florence is also in a central location on the grander European stage so it makes trips, excursions, and research a bit easier.

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