Thanksgiving Day in Florence

by Alt10trader

Thanksgiving Dinner by Alt10trader from Flickr


Due to the large amount of American expats and students living in Florence, Thanksgiving day is celebrated minimally. Community members in Florence often gather and hold traditional Thanksgiving meals. In 2010, the Tuscan-American association held a dinner for over 100 Americans living in Florence. The meal was a 3 course, traditional thanksgiving dinner prepared by a professional chef. While Italians do not celebrate this American holiday, some restaurants and organizations offer meals of turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and of course… pumpkin pie, amongst other popular Thanksgiving foods. At the start of November, keep an eye out for these Thanksgiving opportunities to give you a little taste of home. Remember, at some places reservations for the big day are needed, so plan accordingly!

Places that have served Thanksgiving meals in the past:
Tuscan-American Association
The Diner
Hard Rock Cafe
Four Seasons on Borgo Pinti
Ristorante Accademia
Olio & Convivium
L’Osteria di Giovanni

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