The Fruits of the Earth exhibition at Palazzo Pitti


I Frutti della Terra, The Fruits of the Earth exhibition, is open till November 8 in the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti.

The Fruits of the Earth exhibition is in line with the Milan Expo, sharing the theme “feed the planet, energy for the life”. This exhibition focuses on Arturo Tosi’s paintings of fruits, with works by his contemporaries and friends such as Felice Carena, Ardengo Soffici, and Alberto Saliettii. Arturo Tosi played a part in the Novecento movement of Italy. After avant guard and futurist movement, Novecento movement looked back at the order and purity of forms and took features of classical art. All the artists in this exhibition display the influence Novecento movement in different ways; Arturo Tosi, especially, focused on the energy and life of colors.

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