The Lost Libreria

It is every traveler’s wish to find a unique, affordable souvenir with some personal story. Especially when you have been around the same city for a while, you won’t be so satisfied with being a typical tourist. So, LdM news introduces a place that fulfills your dream – the lost libreria.

The lost libreria is a bookshop located on Via del Ginori near the San Lorenzo market area. You can see mountains of books filed up from the doorway. Step in through the walls of papers, and even more stacks of book welcome you. They are not shiny, newly released books with knife sharp edges, but old books that have traveled several readers who left behind coffee stains and soft creases. Truly, this bookstore is where people’s paths come across.

To your pleasure, the lost libreria has become more international recently. On top of huge collection of Italian books, you might find some books in English, Spanish, or whatever language you speak.

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