Truffle hunting in Tuscany

Truffles have been an integral part of Italian cuisine, more specifically Florentine culture for quite sometime. Primarily because famers and agriculturists grow truffles so it has become a food for the people, made by the people.

Truffle - Photo by flickr user Michela Simoncini

Truffle – Photo by flickr user Michela Simoncini

Truffles can be seen in many dishes around Florence and they often play a vital role in making a dish special. According to numerous chefs there is one rule when using truffles, the simpler the better. Truffles uses sparingly tend to be better and don’t overpower the dish.

What many people don’t know is that there are different seasons for truffles. For example one season may produce white truffles, while the next will produce black truffles. One of the best things for farmers who grow truffles is rain, the more wet the soil is, the more conducive it is to growing truffles.

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