The Museum of Still Life at the Villa of Poggio a Caiano

The museum of still life at the villa of Poggio displays many art pieces that focuses on still life paintings. Appreciating and learning about the history of the  different art styles of the years. The artists of this period often used dark bold colors, and large brush strokes that gave the paintings texture and power.

The majority of the art collection comes from the Medici family in the 1600s, particularly from the Grand Prince Ferdinando and Cosimo III, two still life collectors.

The exhibition displays work from Italian, Flemish, and Dutch artists both men and women that were not known until now. One of the most important painters of this time, is Bartolomeo Bimbi, who played close attention to details.

This trend quickly spread in the 17th century that brought attention to fruits, vegetables, flowers, animals, and other daily parts of life to being the subject of the paintings instead of different symbols related to religion. It led to a bigger appreciation of still life in the Italian culture.

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