Vintage Shops in Florence

Are you a trend setter? If so, then Florence might just be the place for you! During your visit to Florence you may take walk down Via de Tornabuoni and easily encounter some of the fashion industry’s most recognized names. For a more unique shopping experience in the city, take a stroll down some not-so-popular strips. A little more searching and you are bound to come across any one of Florence’s vintage clothing shops.

Fashion lovers have long admired timeless pieces. The beauty of thrift shopping is in the unpredictability of the experience. Wether it is a pair of costume earnings from the 1960s or a fringe shoulder bag from the 70s, you just never know what you’ll pick up.

So next time your curiosity is running and your outfit is feeling a little bland, be bold and step into a thrift shop. The possibilities are endless.

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