When the World Answered at Odeon Theater

A historical theater itself, Odeon is where people also write new history – or this time, her-story. A new documentary movie When the World Answered had its world premiere in Odeon theater, on the 20th of October. LdM news interviewed the authors at the premiere about the movie and their project.

Based on the book of same title, When the World Answered captures the story of the female artist who contributed to the restoration Florence after the Florence Flood of 1966. When the water of Arno filled the whole city, about 14000 works of art were lost or destroyed. To restore the damaged glory and history, Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, an art historian, called for help from art world – and the artists from all parts of the world answered to that call, which is where the title comes from. The artists donated their work to replace the lost works and fill this world-most-loved city of art.

Jane Fortune and Linda Falcone of Advancing Woman Artist Foundation wrote the Invisible Women, which later turned into an Emmy-winning movie, to bring works and contributions of female artists to the surface. Its sequel When the World Answered, specifically focusing on the works of female artists found in Florence museums, with interviews with some of the artists. The movie does not stop in the past. It sheds light on how the world is still answering to the call from fifty years ago, by showing how Florence became the hub of restoration studies.

You can also watch the trailer here.

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